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Who is The Oracle Empath?

Carol Capps is my name, also known as Mama Owl.  I am a mother of two young adults and grandmother to two beautiful baby girls.  I grew up in northern Arizona where many know as the home of the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ, the mecca of many world renowned Psychic Mediums and Spiritual Healing Centers.

I grew up knowing I was different but couldn’t quite place my finger on why.  For many years I was told I was “too” sensitive and needed to “toughen up”.  I couldn’t help my sensitive nature because I was meant to be that way… if only they knew (If only I knew).  But, at the time… I had no idea.  I would communicate with many spirits until the world forced me to move on to become more “Adult”.  “You need to grow up Carol and quit being childish.”  I’m sure many of you can recall memories such as these.  Still… with all the push to become an “Adult” I still felt as though there was something missing… something I was supposed to do.

Several years later, two of the most beautiful beings came into my life… my children and they completely amazed me!  To see the world through their eyes was, and still is, a remarkable gift.  I began to open up to spirit again.  Finally, my gifts came back full force and I haven’t turned back since.

I discovered that I can communicate with spirit which lead me to so many new possibilities.  I wanted to learn anything and everything I could about spirit.  I learned many different things by studying different religions and belief systems.  Along my journey I learned about shamanism and energy healing which has led me to where I am today.

Through my discoveries I learned that I am claircognizant (the ability to gain information through intrinsic knowledge), clairsentient (the ability to feel when something is going to happen which is actually sensing different energies) and I am, what I like to call, an Energy Empath (the ability to feel emotions and pain through energy as well as the energies of situations)… hence the name The Oracle Empath.  An Oracle is one who can receive messages from spirit by many different means.

I have since trained to become a Reiki Master/Teacher, which is someone who has allowed themselves to become a conduit through which the universal life force energy travels to help heal other beings.  Reiki can be used on many different things such as people, animals, plants and even situations which is another conversation all together.  I am currently working on developing a series of Reiki & Crystal Healing courses as well as many other projects.

I am also an amateur photographer!  I Love taking pictures and my wonderful husband has taught me so much.  He’s amazing!  To see my photography, click on the “My Photographs” link on the menu at the top of this page and enjoy.

And the journey continues…

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Mama Owl, I wanted to reach out and say hello. I deeply resonate with your story. That I too, am a HSP, with similar said abilities of yours. I too, needed to do a lot of voice-work, which now is super-strong 🙂 – but certainly, not easy to be HSP in this world, not easy – needing so much courage, inner-strength, trust, inner-guidence, blessings, listening, being, following, learning, understanding, growing, remaining open, vulnerable, teachable, – it’s such a journey and exactly what the Earth needs at this time. Glad to know you and walk beside you! – Orpheus

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    1. Mama Owl

      Hello Orpheus, 🙂
      I am very happy to meet you and am honored to walk beside you! It’s so wonderful to meet a kindred spirit and I am very thankful you shared your story with me. 🙂
      Brightest Blessings my friend,
      ~ Mama Owl ~

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